2016-06-07-15-16-sacredbond_fill_80Heaven Hill Brands recently introduced Christian Brothers Sacred Bond Brandy, the first grape bottled-in-bond Brandy. Aged in Heaven Hill white oak Bourbon barrels, the California Brandy is small batch distilled in copper pot stills.

At four years old and 100 proof, Sacred Bond was the highest scoring American Brandy at F. Paul Pacult’s 2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge as a Chairman’s Trophy winner in the Brandy category, earning a 93 score and the “Great Value” accolade. The Brandy was also awarded a gold medal by the 2016 World Spirits Competition.

The bottle label pictures the original monastery in California where Cellar Master Brother Timothy carefully crafted the first Christian Brothers Brandy. In 1882, the Brothers planted their first vineyards, making altar wine for sacramental use. The Brothers expanded production as word spread of the wine’s excellent quality, eventually selling table wine to profit the Order’s schools.

“As is tradition, Heaven Hill is keeping this storied brand alive by introducing an expression that honors the original sacred bond once formed by the Christian Brothers with the California soil,” said Brand Manager MaryCrae Guild.

Christian Brothers Sacred Bond Brandy (100 proof)
Visual: Darkening copper.
Nose: Rich, evocative grape-based brandy. More than a hint of ex-bourbon barrel stave char adds an extra depth of character.
Taste: Intensely lush and full of character that seems much older than its four years of aging. The higher proof brings out a great deal of the terroir of the grape as well.
Finish: Medium long with a caramel candy like sweetness that slowly fades and disappears much like an ice wine.
Overall: A terrific American brandy and one that rivals many French versions. Considering the bargain price ($25.99), you might do well to enliven your next Sidecar instead of reaching for that XO bottle. But, make no mistake, this is a killer sipping brandy as well.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Christian Brothers Brandy

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