Cognac Park Fins Bois Organic is one of the only certified-organic Cognacs produced in France. Here’s what brand ambassador Naomi Schimek has to say about it:

“The differences between organic spirits and conventional ones may not be as easily detected on the consumer’s palate as say, a bowl of fresh strawberries. However, the difference it makes in the livelihood of the people working the fields, the health of bees and other living creatures and the future of agriculture cannot be overstated. As a matter of fact, quite recently France banned the use of neonicotinoid insecticides which are thought to increasingly be behind the collapse of bee populations. This is a great step as we move further and further away from post WWII industrialization and closer to a world without harmful chemicals in our food, drink and atmosphere.

The challenge might be for larger houses of Spirits such as Cognac houses, where a certified Cognac is 20% less productive than non-Organic and so become more expensive; not anyone can make afford an ‘organic’ certification”.

Park Single Cru Organic Fins Bois Cognac (80 proof)
Visual: Deep gold.
Nose: Fresh, almost Calvados fruit-styled nose with a lush richness and rustic simplicity. Clean, direct and honest.
Taste: A lot of oak and sparkling grape brandy make for an interesting pairing. A Cognac that looks towards its roots and a more farm style approach in flavor. I can only imagine that the rough edges, albeit minor, would smooth out gracefully with a few more years in the cask.
Finish: Medium long with oakey caramel and a slightly tannic, tea-like edge.
Overall: A fine Fins Bois Cognac that has appeal. Perfect for mixing in cocktails and to get the party started straight up.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Cognac Park

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