Ferro-China was an aperitivo/amaro created around 1881. History tells us that Cinchona barks were cooked on iron plates before being macerated. Giovanni Porpora, one of the founding members of a small distillery in Italy, formulated his Ferro-Kina recipe in 1967. Today, Don Ciccio & Figli are still producing this Ferro-Kina following their traditional methods by macerating their proprietary botanical blend in terracotta amphoras.

Amaro Tonico Ferro-Kina (20% abv)
Visual: Very dark red-brown.
Nose: Quite herbal and dark with a prolonged deep tonality.
Taste: Lightly fruity and slightly sweet with a fine mid-range of herb and root. After a few moments, a bitter tinge creeps in, but is quite mild and easy-going.
Finish: Long with the drier, bitter notes holding on for quite some time.
Overall: I’m reminded of artichoke based amaros, but this has a lighter and somewhat more fruity quality. Quite unique and a welcome addition to the bartenders arsenal.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Don Ciccio e Figgli

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