The Egan family set about resurrecting their family brand in 2013. Family members from across the globe, across generations, came together and reformed P. & H. Egan Ltd. Family-owned and operated, the Egan’s portfolio embodies the true spirit of Irish whiskey, six generations in the making.

This year, Egan’s Irish Whiskey released the second volume of its Legacy Reserve series — Legacy Reserve II.

This 16-year-old single malt follows the original limited edition 15-year-old Legacy Reserve.

Legacy Reserve II, 92 proof, aged for 16 years in American bourbon barrels, and finished in Banyuls casks from the Catalan Pyrenees in France. Like its predecessor, Legacy Reserve II is limited to only 1,000 bottles worldwide.

Egan’s Legacy Reserve Volume II (92 proof)
Visual: Light gold.
Nose: Intensely sharp and high nose of rich malt and compact oak cask.
Taste: Incredibly smooth and balanced malt character on initial entry. This quickly opens up into a powerhouse of wood flavor. Totally unlike similar Irish expressions in the 16-year-old range, this has elements of baking spice and very little caramel or that tell-tale hint of citrus that you expect.
Finish: Long and mildly spicy with a dry ending at the back of the palate.
Overall: Wow. This whiskey is balanced right on the edge of seventeen (as Stevie Nicks put it). I don’t think that an extra year in the barrel would serve this any better than it already is. Quite the special whiskey.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Egan’s Whiskey