einstoek_logo_654x800.png?w=245&h=300Einstök means “unique” and Ölgerd means “brewery” in Icelandic. Einstök Ölgerð is located just 60 miles south of the Arctic circle in the fishing port of Akureyri, Iceland. There, the water flows from rain and prehistoric glaciers down the Hlíðarfjall Mountain and through ancient lava fields, delivering the perfect foundation for brewing craft ales. They are not a brewery that strives to come out with a new style every week. It takes them nine to twelve months to release new styles,

Icelandic White Ale: Very mild and smooth. Low carbonation and refreshing. Aroma has a slight hint of lemon in it. The orange peel and coriander come through a little stronger than the more widely known and mass produced white ales. This is a good thing. If you want an excellent white ale, look no further than Iceland.

Icelandic Arctic Pale Ale: Hoppy with a good malt backbone. Low carbonation, but a nice white head. The body is similar to a cream ale. The initial hop flavors come off as strong, but surprisingly they simmer down after a few seconds. While not a rich beer, there is certainly a lot of flavor and it all balances out with the smooth texture and clean taste. After a few sips, it’s an easy beer to settle into, and would be a great “go to” year round.

Icelandic Toasted Porter: Incredibly dark color. Virtually opaque, held up to a bright light, you can see a dark red-brown. Head is a light brown. Very creamy and smooth. Bitterness is balanced with the heavy malts, but not a terribly sweet beer as many porters can be. Incredibly rich, smooth and easy to drink. Primary flavors are of toffee and a bit of coffee. Slight charred flavor.

Icelandic Wee Heavy: Dark brown color. Very sweet. Highly malt forward. No “booziness” which can be prevalent in many wee heavy ales. A rich character which is easily drinkable and smooth. Light head. A pleasant taste of herbal spices. Hint of smoke flavor.

Review by Kieran Jerome Matthew

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