San Francisco-based North Channel Distillery recently announced the debut of Frísco, the company’s inaugural craft spirit distilled from wine made from California grapes. “Little did I know that 20 years ago when I tasted my first Pisco that it would ignite a journey to creating Frísco right here in California,” says founder Charlie O’Connell.

Crafted in San Francisco from grapes sourced from neighboring California vineyards, Frísco is double distilled in a copper pot still in small batches, followed by a unique charcoal mellowing – a technique rarely used on this type of spirit.

Frísco is produced and bottled at Seven Stills of SF, a boutique, San Francisco-based state of the art distillery.

Frísco is owned and produced by North Channel Distillery. Established in 2016, the mission of North Channel Distillery is to deliver innovative, premium craft liquors responsibly produced locally in California.

Frisco Brandy (90 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Grape forward with a mouth-watering grape perfume. Clean, fruity and lively.
Taste: Round, full and with a good deal of vine fruit character. A fine distillate that has a somewhat dry and cooling effect on the palate. Quite tasty.
Finish: Medium long with a slight grapeskin tannic edge that cleanses the taste buds.
Overall: A very nice unaged brandy that has a cleaner and fruitier quality than most traditional South American brandies. Eminently mixable in cocktails, and with a heft that will make it stand out against citrus.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Frisco Liquor

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