BDE27F4F-7B3D-409D-8B01-16AA640CA052.jpg?w=212&h=300G4 Blanco brings a straight forward contender to the premium tequila game.

TasteTequila recently ranked the El Pandillo distillery as number one in its exclusive tracking of all tequila producers. The designation was based on the ratings from over 41,800 different consumers and tequila judges using the Tequila Matchmaker mobile app. The family-owned distillery at El Pandillo placed at the head of over 129 active tequila distilleries currently operating in Mexico.

Owner and operator of El Pandillo, Felipe Camarena, recently launched distribution of G4 into the U.S. The name G4 simply represents the 4th generation of Felipe’s line of the Camarena family. Camarena honored the traditions behind tequila making while adding his own unique twists: using harvested rainwater and specially modified copper stills, 100 percent pure Blue Agave from their own family farm, modified stone ovens, and an entirely unique mechanical alternative to the traditional stone tahona used to crush the cooked agave.

The final result is bottled simply, though beautifully. As Camarena himself noted: “I’m not in the business of making fancy bottles, I’m in the business of making great tequila.”

G4 Tequila Blanco
Visual: Clear
Nose: The simple rawness of blanco comes right at you, it hasn’t been sweetened down.
Taste: A smooth mild pepper undertone, alcoholic.
Finish: Neutral, mildly warm, but not burning.
Overall: If you want a blanco that’s straight forward with no attempts to cover up what a blanco is, you won’t be disappointed. For beginners of tequila it might be a bit surprising. If you want to use a blanco in your mix and don’t want it imparting any added aspects to your drink this would be a good choice.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: G4 Tequila

Review by Travis Owens for Good Spirits News