hine-bonneuil-2008-cognac.jpg?w=184&h=300HINE Cognac and US importer Hotaling & Co. recently announced the addition of Domaines HINE Bonneuil 2008 to the Bonneuil collection. The 2008 vintage is the third expression in a collection of single grand crus, single harvest cognacs, originating exclusively from HINE’s own estate, Domaines HINE. With only 16 casks (7,200 bottles) of Bonneuil 2008 selected for bottling, this limited release will be available fpr a limited time in the US.

One of the few houses in the Cognac region to have its own vineyard. When weather conditions are just right, the HINE House singles out a vintage, resulting in unblended cognacs that are the purest expression of the chalky terroir. Aged in oak casks for a decade, Domaines HINE Bonneuil 2008 ages in oak casks for a decade.

“Domaines HINE Bonneuil 2008 is one of these vintages where challenging beginnings finally end up well,” says HINE Cellar Master Eric Forget. “After lots of rainy spring days and a capricious month of August, the Indian summer set camp and finally allowed the grapes to catch up on their fill of sunshine to develop nice solar notes. Needless to say, the new vintage is somewhat of a strong character!”

Bottled on July 19, 2018, Domaines HINE Bonneuil 2008 joins Domaines HINE Bonneuil 2005 (18 casks) and Domaines HINE Bonneuil 2006 (19 casks) after the 2007 harvest had been judged insufficiently expressive.

HINE Bonneuil 2008 (85.4 proof)
Visual: Medium gold.
Nose: Fresh, lively oaken essence of grape distillate. Perfectly balanced and fruity. There is a lovely brightness here, which is often lacking in even XO French brandies.
Taste: The grape character comes through loud and clear, tempered by a subdued and feminine oakiness from the cask. Light and expressive, the overall experience is one of joy and liveliness.
Finish: Medium long, with an even fade. It begs for a second sip, and then a third.
Overall: A great Cognac that shines well above many others. A true work of art!
GSN Rating: A++

For more information go to: Hotaling & Co.