Wisers_Spiced_Bottle-copyWiser’s is a Canadian Whisky that was first distilled in Prescott, Ontario in 1857.  About 50 years later, they had become the third largest distillery in Canada.  But when the founder, John Philip Wiser passed away in 1911, the company went into a steady decline due to poor business decisions by his sons.  However, all was not lost, as the firm was purchased by Corby Distilleries, and is now produced at the Hiram Walker & Sons distillery in Windsor, Ontario.  Obviously, the brand has a solid reputation to make it this far.

This year, they debuted a vanilla spiced whisky which is another addition to the ever-growing flavored whisky phenomenon.  It joins their other two products, a rye whisky and an 18-year-old.

J.P. Wiser’s Vanilla Whiskey (86 proof)
Visual: Orangey gold.
Nose: Spicy, honeyed caramel with a rich base of blended malt whiskey.
Taste: Mellow and warm spices enliven a smooth but well endowed whiskey base.  The spice profile plays an elegant back up to the whiskey, which at a slightly higher proof, keeps the inherent sweetness in check.
Finish: Medium short, with lasting spicy notes playing tag with the Canadian whiskey’s slow burn.
Overall: Great on its own as a sipper or shot, this also works wonders as an alternative to the traditional J.D. when used with cola.  I enjoy the fact that this product is less sweet than many other spiced spirits on the market.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: J.P. Wiser’s

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