After its initial launch as a travel retail exclusive item and select markets in Asia, Jack Daniel’s recently introduced Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey to the United States.

Representative of the skill and craftsmanship of the Jack Daniel Distillery, the process first begins with maturation in new charred American white oak barrels. Once these barrels are determined to be fully matured, they are removed from the barrelhouse and the whiskey is placed into maple wood barrels. The final step is a second charcoal mellowing before being bottled.

“Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold pays homage to our distillery’s golden rule of, ‘Every day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can,” said Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett. “The natural amber hue, along with a scent of toasted oak and honey, offer an intricate texture and taste, making this whiskey a very distinct and luxury product.”

Jack Daniels No. 27 Gold (80 proof)
Visual: No surprise, it’s gold.
Nose: Heady oak nose with a rich corn base. A softer, more subtle nose of sweet maple floats above the initial nosing, adding a harvest-like sensibility.
Taste: Exceptionally smooth and easy-going. There’s a sheerness to this whiskey that gives it a finer and ethereal taste.
Finish: Medium-long, with a lot of the overt sweetness from the mash and the cask staying on.
Overall: We’ve tried this straight and with a rock. This loses quite a bit of character when watered down, so either be very careful or just sip it neat. A very fine whiskey which is several steps above their flagship bottle.
GSN Rating: A-

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