Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack is a seasonal blend of apple cider liqueur, Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey and holiday spices, based on an original family recipe from Jack’s home in Lynchburg, Tennessee. (Available for a limited time in all 50 states & Canada.)

Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack Tennessee Cider (30 proof)
Visual: Pale gold.
Nose: Spiced apples with a hint of bourbon.
Taste: Exactly what you’d think. Spiced apple cider with a tempering of bourbon’s sweet fire.
Finish: Fairly short, with a hint of apple lingering.
Overall: This is so easy-going, you could easily drink half of the bottle before realizing it. Tastes even better warmed up and with an orange peel freshly dropped into a mug. Since this is a limited product (and extremely inexpensive) we suggest you pick up 2-4 bottles to get you through the winter.
GSN Rating: B+

Here’s a recipe for you to try courtesy of Jack Daniel’s:

Winter Jack Apple Negroni
3 oz. Winter Jack® Tennessee Cider
1 oz. Campari
1 oz. sweet Vermouth
1 large orange peel

In a shaker filled with ice combine the Winter Jack, Campari and sweet Vermouth. Shake until well chilled. Strain into a coupe glass. Run the orange peel around the edge of the coupe and squeeze as you drop into the glass.

For more information go to: Jack Daniel’s