ko-goldcliff_12oz-bottle.jpg?w=86&h=300We are finally into warmer weather here at the GSN headquarters, and what better way to celebrate than with a beer that reminds you of tropical paradises, gorgeous sunsets, and sandy beaches. Kona Brewing Company has decided to generously let us sample their most recent addition to their line of Hawaii inspired beers, the Gold Cliff IPA. As the beer pours you get a very strong aroma of heavy hop followed by a bit of malty sweetness, finished with a blast of pineapple. It has a nice rich color to it, and a medium body. The flavor itself would be fairly standard fare were it not for the pineapple. The hops are fairly dank, but not overpowering as there is a definite balance of caramel malt to keep the hops from being too intense. The pineapple is clearly what makes this beer worth trying. The citra and mosaic hops give it a slightly fruity character which is only enhanced by the juiciness of the pineapple. That isn’t to say this is a fruit beer by any means. The bitterness is the most forward aspect, and the pineapple simply gives it a pleasant finish that leaves your taste buds wanting more. This beer may be a bit strong for the hot summertime quaff at an ABV of 7.2%, but it would be easy to see how this might be welcome on a hot beach as you sit/sip in the shade. While our minds weren’t blown by the flavor, we here at GSN enjoyed it thoroughly. Kona takes a classic American IPA style and gives a unique twist leaving you with thoughts of warm beaches and the summer ahead.

Review by Kieran Jerome Matthew