kringle_cream_bow I’ll bet you didn’t know that Wisconsin has an official state pastry.  Well, as of June of 2013, they do.  It’s called the Kringle and it has its origins in 13th century Europe.  Originally, it looked a lot like a pretzel, and in fact was often coated with a sprinkling of salt.  Other styles developed including those filled with sweet fruits or nuts.  Here in the U.S., there are a few places where the Kringle has really taken off.  One of the most popular is in Racine, WI where they ave been making them in a frosted ring shape for decades.  It is this version that inspired Kringle Cream liqueur.

Normally, I’m not one for cream drinks, but I am impressed with this version.  Having to sample hundreds of spirits, liqueurs and assorted libations every year, there are usually only a handful that I go back to on a regular basis to sample again and again.  Kringle has a dairy-fresh flavor that takes me back to childhood.  Like a butterscotch and maple cream flavored dessert.  I’d gladly drink this over eating a Danish, any day.

Kringle Cream (30 proof)
Visual: Milk white.
Nose: Pronounced maple nut.
Taste: Sweet, but not overly so.  A rich and creamy mouthfeel with a buttery, nutty, maple flavor.
Finish: Short and sweet with lingering notes of cream and nut.
Overall: Amazingly true to eating a Kringle pastry in the form of a liqueur.  Really well done, and one of the best cream liqueurs I’ve ever had.
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Kringle Cream

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