Magic Opener 2

Over the years we at the GSN offices have tried dozens of bar tools.  Everything from jiggers, to corkscrews, to miniature barrels for aging cocktails.  We aren’t often sent bottle openers, so this one intrigued us.

The design is humorously shaped like a bottle sliced neatly in half.  The yellow rubberized material gives good grip, but the device feels a little awkward in the hand.  But there are a few features which set this part and make it quite useful for a busy bartender.

This not only opens bottle caps, but two sizes of twist offs and most importantly, tabs.  One of my pet peeves is having to open those super tight tabs on small cans of pineapple or tomato juice.  I’ve actually broken some fingernails doing it, and then the juice also tends to splash everywhere due to the struggle. This opener eliminates those difficulties by having a tab-puller at the top end.  The other clever design feature is that it is magnetic and will stick to any steel surface making it easy to find.

This opener will never replace the typical 7″ flat bottle opener that everyone uses, but for anyone who goes through a lot of 6 oz. cans of juice or soda, this will be a time saver.

For more information go to: Magic Opener

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