Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey   is a flavored whiskey that combines whiskey and green tea. Jared Berlin, creator of Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey, knew that whiskey and tea was a common pairing dating back to the 1800’s and wanted to bring this duo back to life by offering something appealing to the modern consumer. Marlee’s uses a proprietary blend of green tea sourced from select farms in China, brewed and blended with American rye whiskey and a touch of agave.

Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey (29.9 proof)
Visual: Brown tea colored.
Nose: Green tea.
Taste: Sweetened green tea with a very slight kick after a few seconds.
Finish: Medium long with dry tea notes, the sweetness fades fairly quickly, and the whiskey leaves a slight burn way on the back palate.
Overall: Like a pre-made cocktail.  Low-proof which is nice, and great to drink straight or chilled and on the rocks.  The flavor is rather delicate, so it’s best to avoid over dilution.  It honestly tastes a lot like green tea, so well done!
GSN Rating: B+

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