owneys1lstraightfront.jpg?w=109&h=300The saying goes that true classics never go out of style and rum, America’s first spirit, is having its moment. Introducing Owney’s Rum, a blended white rum inspired by Prohibition-era rum runners. These self-imposed entrepreneurs were infamous for smuggling coveted aged Caribbean rum into the U.S,, and in an effort to extend the reserves, blended it with locally distilled spirits. Owney’s pays homage to the style of rum most commonly enjoyed in New York City speakeasies during this period in American history.

Owney’s Rum and its distillery, The Noble Experiment NYC, were both founded in 2012 by New York native, Bridget Firtle, who left a successful Wall Street career to pursue her passion for rum. The first release, known as Owney’s Distiller’s Reserve Rum, is an unaged white rum completely made in New York City. It is distilled with three ingredients: non-GMO sugar cane molasses, yeast and New York City water. The new Owney’s Rum is a blend of Owney’s Distiller’s Reserve and two year-old cask aged Dominican rum that is blended and bottled in New York City. There is no other white rum quite like it – smooth but with a true New York City edge.

Owney’s Rum is named for the notorious New York City hustler, Owen “Owney” Madden, who made his biggest mark bootlegging and rum running up the East Coast throughout Prohibition. It is often said that “knowing Owen Madden in the 1920s was like knowing the mayor.” Bridget drew inspiration from his legacy and decided to pay homage to him by creating a one-of-a-kind rum.

The unique bottle and “sun purple” color are custom designed and inspired by vintage bottles from the early 1900s when it was common for glass to turn purple in the sun, giving it a highly valued and unique antique look. The label illustration features the face of the namesake and a skyline that depicts both Manhattan, where Owney conducted his business, and Brooklyn, the home of the distillery.

“It has long been a dream of mine to bring rum distilling back to New York,” said Bridget Firtle, founder and head distiller of Owney’s Rum. “After all, the first American distillery on record operated over three centuries ago in New York. Owney’s is the ultimate salute to great rum, New York City and those who live by their own rules.”

Owney’s Rum (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Grassy, sugarcane funk. Clean, sweet and full of character.
Taste: Round and slightly dry, with a light sweetness and minerality. Not rough, but somewhat rustic in character.
Finish: Medium-long, with some mild sweet notes of rock candy.
Overall: A light rum that has a solid body and will stand up in more complex cocktails.
GSN Rating: B+

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