854422-11.png?w=250Incredibly clear and filtered, the initial observation is that this hard cider will be crisp, and the flavor doesn’t disappoint. The apple taste comes through very well, and although it is sweet, it’s balanced by a dry quality that tastes like a fresh apple without tasting outright sugary. It’s a clean flavor that starts off sweet, but finishes cleanly and that’s somewhat of a rarity with sweeter ciders. There is also a hint of tartness that balances the overall flavor composition, and doesn’t hinder the taste for those who are used to sweeter imbibing.

For those who like bubbly Moscato this won’t be too far off the beaten path. For those who enjoy a strong authentic apple taste, this certainly won’t disappoint. While my lasting impression of the cider leaves me satisfied, it’s just that. Just one can and I don’t need any more. It’s certainly flavorful and well-brewed, but the sweetness becomes cloying about halfway through and gives the impression of a dessert drink. This could pair well during the fall with a large heavy meal, but as a standalone drink, it leaves a little to be desired. The flavor is strong, and while tasty, it gives its full impressions early on enough that one doesn’t need more than a twelve ounce serving to see if this is a good fit. The slightly higher than average ABV can be a bonus for some, but as most ciders either swing between refreshing or too strong, this one tends towards the latter.

Overall impressions are a great authentic flavor, crisp mouthfeel, but the sweetness steadily grows and becomes cloying by the end of the first can.

GSN Rating: B

Review by Kieran Jerome Matthew