Artisanal cocktails have been on the rise for years, but this year marks a notable uptick in the popularity of craft non-alcoholic beverages. A recent Wall Street Journal article by Aleksandra Crapanzano states: “Bartenders and mixologists across the country are upping their soft game, creating mocktails with the same degree of attention and creativity once reserved only for the hard stuff.”

To meet the demands of the ever-more discerning drinker, bartenders are searching for unique mixers to help elevate their concoctions. Repurposed Pod fits the bill. Repurposed Pod is a cold-pressed, non-GMO 100% virgin cacao juice that is sustainable, ethically sourced, supports farmers and adheres to agricultural practices that are beneficial to the environment.

The innovative beverage uses the white pulp from cacao pod that is often thrown away during chocolate production. The unique harvesting process is as follows: the cacao pods are carefully removed from the tree and sliced open by hand with a machete, then farmers scoop out the beans and the white pulp and separate the pulp from the beans. The beans are sent on their way to become chocolate and the fruity pulp is pressed into fresh juice for Repurposed Pod.

Not just for use in the bar, Repurposed Pod can be added as a boost to smoothies, juices and soda water, reduced as a syrup for desserts and much more.

I was expecting something akin to coconut water. Instead, this is lightly sweet, yet overtly tart and reminded me of Yuzu in character. One of our reviewers compared it to a non-alcoholic Commodore cocktail. There is definitely a subtle chocolate character, but the citrus flavor is in the forefront. I can see many uses for this in cocktails and mocktails. As an adjunct to tiki style drinks, a replacement for lemon or lime juice, or simply a mixer in a vodka, rum or tequila cocktail.

This truly is an innovation, and I hope it succeeds. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Repurposed Pod

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