heart-page-4-dark.png?w=225&h=300Sangre de Vida “Blood of Life” blanco tequila begins with slowly roasting agave piña hearts in stone-walled brick ovens. This centuries-old art of slow-cooking is then followed by cooling, shredding, and finally squeezing the hearts into a mosto (sweet juice), which then ferments for five days, after which it is then distilled a total of three times (with its final distillation completed in small stills at a higher temperature).

Inspired by Lotería card number 27, El Corazón, this special edition offering of Sangre de Vida Blanco is presented in a stunning, glass heart bottle. Perfect for lovers or perhaps the Tin Man.

Sangre de Vida Blanco (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Quite funky and almost metallic. The agave seems to be fighting with the oak.
Taste: A bit sweet and thin. The agave flavor is shy, but the barrel flavor is reticent as well. At the tail end of the tasting, there is an unusual strawberry flavor. It’s tequila, but unlike any I’ve had before.
Finish: Medium, with the sweetness lingering like a bubblegum.
Overall: The bottle is awesome, the tequila less so. It seems rushed and lacks any real character.
GSN Rating: C+

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