Originally launched in 2009 (as Van Gogh Triple Wheat Vodka), Van Gogh Vodka is one of the first terroir-specific vodkas. Third generation Master Distiller Tim Vos distills Van Gogh from a blend of wheat sourced from Holland, France and Germany—each providing distinct characteristics as a result of the local terroir.

In Holland, the wheat is cultivated near the Dutch coast and is a little salty and dry from the maritime influence. The harvest in France comes from the center of the country and the wheat possesses a sweeter profile. The wheat grown in Germany is sourced from an area where water comes from the melted ice of a nearby mountain, giving the grain a mineral edge.

Van Gogh Vodka is crafted in small batches using purified water at Cooymans Distillery International in Tilburg, Holland through a triple distillation method, which maintains the integrity of the natural ingredients before final blending.

Van Gogh Vodka (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Earthy, mineral-laden, densely crisp and clean nose. Wet slate and rainwater.
Taste: Smooth entry with a semi-creamy mouthfeel. Lots of mineral with a slight sweet glaze of sweetness. Tasty and with a full body and a friendly character.
Finish: Medium, with the sweetness leading away to a dry and semi-metallic finish which cleanses the palate.
Overall: A vodka with character and class. Great on its own, or in any vodka forward cocktail.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Van Gogh Vodka

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