Wild Ginger Beer (4% abv)  In the last few years, more companies have been offering alcoholic versions of soda. Ginger beer makes a natural choice as it is key in several mixed cocktails, the Dark & Stormy and the Moscow Mule being two classics that have made a huge comeback recently.

Wild Ginger is sweet, with a blast of ginger heat.  You’d be hard pressed to notice any alcohol in terms of flavor, but there is a funky edge that comes through towards the end.  Almost malty.  I’d recommend this as a mixer as opposed to drinking it straight unless you pour it on the rocks.  The flavor is a tad aggressive for pleasure drinking.  Still, it’s better than many non-alcoholic ginger beers I’ve tried which up the heat with capsicum.

GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: WGBrewing

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