logo.png?w=300&h=256Bluewater Organic Distilling, a Pacific Northwest small-batch distillery recently announced the launch of Wintersun Organic Aquavit – The first certified organic Aquavit in America.

John Lundin, Bluewater’s founder and head distiller chose to honor his Swedish heritage by creating an expression of traditional Aquavit. Staying true to the Scandinavian spirit’s classic roots, Wintersun blends 100% copper-distilled grain spirit with a balanced aromatic profile of caraway, aniseed and orange peel.

“I wanted to craft an approachable Aquavit that would invite sipping, and introduce new palates to this intriguing and storied spirit. As the recipe evolved over several years, we began to surprise ourselves with how incredibly versatile Aquavit can be in craft cocktails,” says Lundin. “At our distillery bar, I love how our mixologists explore everything from sparkling wine drinks to cucumber gimlets to variations of old favorites like corpse revivers, Wintersun brings a new, exciting dimension to these drinks.”

To celebrate the launch of Wintersun, the distillery’s flagship Bar + Bistro will also serve The Expedition,” an exclusive cocktail made with Bluewater’s Bering Sea Barrel Expedition where the distillery dispatched a cask of Aquavit to voyage the King Crab fishing grounds of Alaska aboard the F/V Wizard of Deadliest Catch fame.

Sustainability is a core foundation to Bluewater’s mission and Wintersun continues the distillery’s commitment of sourcing 100% organic ingredients, supporting American-made packaging, and contributing a portion of sales to environmental conservation via their 1% for the Planet membership.

Wintersun Organic Aquavit (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Layered anise, then caraway, finished with a touch of orange peel all presented in a clean and sprightly distillate.
Taste: Quite clean, with very little complexity from the infusions. They play a more subtle role in the expression. Slightly sweet, with a touch of herbality.
Finish: Short with some orange carrying on at the end.
Overall: Unlike most barrel-aged aquavits, this is young and more akin to a flavored vodka. Yet, the impression of a nordic spirit is there. I can see where this would be a perfect pairing for a light meal, but not a match for some heavier Scandinavian foods. A good spirit for the aquavit beginner.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Bluewater Distilling