By Richard Thomas

Alexa Varga of GSpirits

Alexa Varga, G Whisky No. 1 girl and Playmate
(Credit: G Spirits)

All “Lads’ mags”, from Esquire to Playboy to Maxim, count two things among their fixtures: booze and bosoms. With that in mind, the real surprise isn’t that some entrepreneurs set out to combine those two things in a bottle; it’s that it took until autumn 2012 for someone to do it.

Yet in inventing a Playmate-finished whiskey, that is exactly what German company G Spirits has done. The brainchild of a pair of ex-bartenders, G. Whisky No. 1 is a 12 Year Old cask strength, single malt Scotch spilled over the bare breasts of Alexa Varga, Hungary’s 2012 Playmate of the Year and Germany’s January 2013 Playmate. According to G-Spirits, Varga stood over a glass basin positioned against her torso, where “every drop” of Scotch was poured over her ample chest, collected up again, and bottled. The company also has a rum and a vodka.

“I was inspired by the Diva Vodka, which is poured over diamonds” says G Spirits’ Max Golbach. “I like the idea, that the perfect indulgence is more than smell and taste. After I heard about this Vodka, I told my brother Julian about them and said, if you ask me, I would pour the liquor over the chest of a supermodel.”

Alexa Vargas of GSpirits

Alexa and the Alexa-finished Scotch
(Credit: G Spirits)

Although the first thought about a scheme like that of G Spirits is that finding models willing to participate might prove a problem, they found quite the opposite. Varga was quoted as saying “I didn’t have to think long about accepting [their] job offer,” and according to Goldbach “The girls have liked the idea and they are very happy to be a part of our campaign.”

Of course, some might find the idea of drinking whiskey that a woman, even Alexa Varga, has bathed in a bit dodgy and unhygienic. G Spirits maintains they are in full compliance with food- and consumer-protection laws, and their methods are verified by medical professionals.

G Spirits and Alexa Varga

The G Spirits duo with Alexa Varga
(Credit: G Spirits)

“We offer our customers to test a sample before buying the bottle” says Goldbach “so they can convince themselves, that all of our products have a high quality. If they want buy the bottle after testing the sample, we will refund them the price of the sample.”

As for their future plans, when asked if there would be a G Whisky No. 2 or a G Bourbon, Goldbach replied “Yes, we plan further whisky editions, but at the moment I don´t want betray too much. But I can guarantee, it will be damn hot!”

G Whisky No. 1 is available for shipping to the U.S., Australia and Europe, and runs for 139,00 € (about $179), exclusive of shipping costs.