Gunpowder Rye

Name: Gunpowder Rye

Bottled By: New England Distillery

ABV: 43.5%

Proof: 87

Notes: On the nose there is a strong scent of fresh spearmint and roasted corn. On the palate there is a nice fiery burst of flavors such as black pepper, grains, mint, cloves, and some slight citrus flavors. The burn of this whiskey and strong flavors stand out in a good way. It has a burn but it’s not overpowering. The finish is surprisingly sweet with flavors of vanilla, mint, and caramel. I personally enjoy this whiskey best neat although it does fine with a small splash. This is a delicious whiskey and one that I have really been enjoying lately. I shared Gunpowder Rye with several friends and it was interesting to see the different flavors each of them detected. All found this to be a very enjoyable whiskey. At around $40 a bottle it is well worth it in my opinion.