6/26/14 -- From The Rum Cave
RTRRglass.jpg This is more or less an informational blog. Today we have lots of information. Read on fellow Rum Enthusiasts, read on.


First great news leaking From Tailwinds Distillery - Right here in the Chicagoland area.


Here is the scoop:
From a Facebook post this morning from Toby:
"So yeah this is happening.. It's going to be an exciting week. Come find us around Plainfield on Saturday with the production crew in tow;)"

So, a few weeks or more ago Toby lets me know there are some great changed coming for Tailwinds. Now, finally they are all beginning to unfold. This is great not just for everyone there at TW and there is a great group of people there, but also for the Craft Rum business. I am amazed by the camaraderie displayed between Distillers, Brewers etc... They want EVERYONE to succeed. So I find this a great thing for all in the business -- even #RTRR...

So here is more:

The secret is out....the Blaum Bros. are moving into the reality TV world. Come join us at Gobbies Sports Pub and Eatery on Friday night for a Blaum Bros. product release party! We will have a production crew in from New York filming us on the Gobbies patio for a new reality show about the Bros. and our good friends at Tailwinds Distilling Company. Come out and support us and try some new products! We will supply food and spirit samples. Filming starts at 8pm so get there early!

And this quote from Toby Beall posted this morning: "Today is going to be a very long yet exciting day for us. Film crews arrive at 10 am to start shooting. This is the start of one of many things that will be happening to Tailwinds after years hard work...."

All this is neatly explained in the TailWinds Newsletter (Visit their site to subscribe!) copy. below:





Thank all of you for your continued support as Tailwinds is now turning 2 years old!!!

We have a lot of really exciting news in the coming weeks of summer. First thing first, we would like to thank all of you for the support and the continued growth of our little distillery, we could not have done it without all of you! Now down to business.

We would like to officially announce the addition of Greg Mauloff as Tailwinds VP of Sales. Greg's 30+ years of experience in the Chicago spirits industry brings a new skill and dynamic to the Tailwinds team.

We are also going to be apart of the Binny's Beverage Depot: Regional Distillers Sampling on July 12th! We will be sampling from 1pm - 4pm along side our friends from Blaum Bros. Distilling.
Where: 12307 S. Route 59 Plainfield, IL 60585

So it like some great things happening and it makes me glad to see it... Let's look back into the recent past and report.

After a HUGE week of response to our blog about Roulaison Distilling coming (not) soon (enough) in New Orleans, Andrew Lohfeld was nice enough to take time and pass on some more good stuff --- 
Contributor+smll.jpg"....  in case you would like to include it for your readers or on your site, we can answer anyone's questions on our twitter or through email, and our website is roulaison.com (though it's just a blank slate until we get a designer on it)  Oh! And I forgot to mention, in case you were wondering, Roulaison was the French-Creole word for the sugar cane harvest down in Louisiana, which historically was a time when work was easy to come by and the celebrations were plentiful."
The big unanswered question was - What is the last name of Patrick (Andrews') business partner...? Well it is Hernandez so now we know pretty much all we need, for now... So Patrick, Andrew -- Keep going! #RTRR readers, remember to click on the links above to find out more about a very interesting new Rum soon to hit!

Time for me to think about travel. I will be posting live here as we head toward the Independence Day weekend and you will be treated to some re-blogs and stop buy to get updates on the road too, in the week after the 4th..

Until Next Time----