Almost every little girl dreams of being a princess and marrying a prince. When I was in grade school I got to play Princess Subtraction in "The Court of King Arithmetic". Definitely an award worthy performance! That and my numerous trips to London are as close as I've ever gotten to being royalty! Well, My husband is Scottish but he's not exactly in line for the throne! Never the less.... I get many women asking for a cocktail that's refreshing, a bit sweet ( but not overly so) and fun to drink but a bit different. So I created Her Royal Highness. I think it has all of these attributes. Plus I add a surprise which I don't list on my cocktail menu!

I wanted to use a refreshing liqueur for my base spirit. I've always loved Pimm's. It has a history of a variety of products made with different spirits. I love to have a Pimm's Cup whenever I'm in the UK. The Blackberry & Elderflower variety is really delicious . Just the right combination of sweet yet tart .It also has a crown on the label which is very regal and royal! I then add Thatcher's Organic Artisan Cucumber Liqueur. I think cucumber and blackberry are just a fantastic flavor combination. Thatcher's is crisp, refreshing and cool. Just like fresh cucumber. A bit of St. Germain liqueur (yes more elder flower!) some fresh lemon and fresh lime balance off the drink perfectly. So for the surprise.. I garnish the cocktail with a Twinkle Pop Lollipop. Sometimes a heart, Sometimes a flower or star. I vary the shape and color. I love seeing the looks on customers faces when I serve it .They almost always have to take a picture holding the lollipop and sipping the cocktail. Her Royal Highness is on Facebook and Instagram accounts worldwide! So if you've ever dreamed of being a princess, prince or just want a refreshing cocktail come on in and have a Her Royal Highness! It will put a smile on your face! Kate and Will if you're reading this pop on in and see me next time you're in NYC! Cheers!!