In life, there are certain things that belong in pairs. You wouldn’t wear shoes without socks. You’d probably stop watching The Office if the producers were to get rid of Jim or Pam. And you might have even shed a tear when Brad and Angelina split up.

But when it comes to food and drink duos, it can be difficult to discern which items on the menu, or in the aisles of the grocery store, are truly made for each other. Whether you regularly contemplate what kind of beer to order with your pizza, or, which wine to pair with your salad, we’ve all felt ill-equipped to pair foods with drinks at one time or another.

So, the next time you find yourself aimlessly wandering the aisles of the grocery store, or staring blankly at the menu, here are 3 food and drink combos worth trying.

Chips & Guacamole (Margarita)

If you frequent Mexican restaurants, “chips, guac, and a Margarita” might be the first three words to come out of your mouth when your waiter asks what you’ll be having. But on the off chance that you haven’t tried this combo yet, you must. The crunch of the chips, along with the freshness of the avocado, and the saltiness of the margarita make for a magical combination that is sure to leave your taste buds satisfied.

And even if you’re not a huge fan of going out to eat, there are plenty of easy margarita and guacamole recipes that you can make in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Caprese Salad (Pinot Grigio)

If you’re ever in the mood for a lighter dinner, Caprese salad paired with a glass of Pinot Grigio is sure to hit the spot. The distinct texture of the Mozzarella, the lively flavor of the basil, and the hint of sweetness from the tomatoes will complement any glass of Pinot beautifully.

Haven’t found your go-to Pinot Grigio yet? Here are some of the most popular brands worldwide. Looking for a delicious Caprese salad recipe? Give this one a try.

Pizza (Blonde Ale)

Whether you’re re-living your university years at your beloved college town pizza joint, or having a girls-night-in featuring homemade pizza and brownies a la Mode, your go-to drink should be Blonde Ale. What makes this such a worthwhile combo, you ask?

Well, according to BottleNeck Management, American pale ales have a “pungent, but restrained hop profile” and the perfect amount of bitterness to cut through the cheese.

So, no matter what kind of pizza you prefer, you can’t go wrong pairing it with a Blonde Ale. Besides, blondes have more fun.