Oogie Boogie

Good Housekeeping has a Wednesday night popup celebrating the film, Nightmare Before Christmas. The drinks are inspired by the Tim Burton classic animated feature. The popup has been running since Halloween and will continue every Wednesday until the end of December.

One of my favorite drinks from the menu is the cute Oogie Boogie. It’s very seasonal with the sweet potato shrub and toasted marshmallow. It also has one of my favorite amari; Meletti.

Oogie Boogie – Rhum JM gold, sweet potato shrub, amaro Meletti, lemon, toasted marshmallow

Cranberries Zombie

For an easy sipper (while a screaming rock song plays non-stop in your head, head, head), try the Cranberries Zombie. It’s essentially a gin and tonic with spiced cranberry.

Cranberries Zombie – Old Tom gin, spiced cranberry, tonic, lemon

Bobbin’ for Apples

Apple times three; brandy, calvados and apple foam! It’s a fun fall drink.

Bobbin’ for Apples – apple brandy, calvados, chai syrup, lemon, Granny Smith apple foam

Deadly Nightshade

For a show, ask for the Deadly Nightshade, a drink with smoked applewood. Although I’ve seen plenty of smoked drinks around the States, I haven’t seen a cool one in LA until now. Love this smoked Negroni variation.

Deadly Nightshade – Four Pillars bloody shiraz gin, Campari, Brovo rose vermouth, smoked applewood, mint

Carnival of Souls

For those who want sweet-but not too sweet- drinks, this brilliantly aqua drink with edible cotton candy garnish is my pick for best Instagram pic to make your friends jealous.

Carnival of Souls – blanco tequila, bubble gum syrup, sparkling wine (cava), cotton candy

grasshopper jello shot

It’s not a party until someone breaks out the jello shots with bugs. What? Yes, well, remember it’s Nightmare Before Christmas. So get to chomping…

Grasshopper jello shot– creme de menthe, creme de cacao, chapulin (grassphopper)

I also tried the Pumpkin King eggnog (not shown) and it was delicious.

Go tonight, go December 20 or go December 27! You have three more chances to try these delicious drinks!

Good Housekeeping (behind Cafe Birdie)

5631 N Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90042 — (323) 739-6928
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