What to get the person who has everything this Holiday Season? Our bourbon gifts holiday gift guide are the perfect answer to this age-old gift giving conundrum. Choose from bourbon samplers, fine bourbons, and other items that are certain to please anyone who enjoys this classic American spirit.

New Bourbons on your List for the Holidays

1. Wild Turkey Forgiven

Give ‘em the Bird with this unusual approach of blending completely different styles of whiskey together into a single spirit has provided a welcome new frontier in the Bourbon scene and one that will make a great holiday gift to all those bourbon lovers.

Wild Turkey Forgiven

2. Breckenridge Bourbon

A Bourbon from Colorado you say? Breckenridge Distillery is the pinnacle of handcrafted spirits and is a unique non-KY bourbon for enthusiasts.

Breckenridge Bourbon

3. Michter’s Bourbons

Bottled under the expert care of Kentucky Bourbon Distillers this line up of Michter’s is small batch Bourbon’s are sure to please.

Michter's Bourbons

4. Corsair Triple Smoke

More in tune with a Single Malt Scotch from across the pond than American Bourbon, Corsair Triple Smoke Whiskey is the perfect gift for the adventurous scotch or bourbon drinker.

Corsair Triple Smoke

5. Jefferson’s 21 Year Presidential Select

The #1 alternative Bourbon to Pappy Van Winkle (which is impossible to find) and made at the original Pappy Distillery. LIMITED SUPPLY!

Jefferson's Presidential Select

6. Willett Pot Still Bourbon

Just look at the bottle! Can you imagine a better Bourbon for displaying on your bar? This distinctive and elegant bourbon is crafted in a bottle modeled after a real “pot-still” used to make the Whiskey choose from a 750ml bottle or a 1.75 liter bottle for a really big impression.

Willett Pot Still Bourbon

7. Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

How do you make an already excellent Bourbon better? Double the oak of course! Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is perfect paired with a cigar.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

8. Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve 9 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey presents a surprising combination of flavors to delight your palate – hopefully they will share!

Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon

9. Ole Smoky Moonshine & Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine

Moonshine in a jar has to be the ultimate gift. A true moonshine experience. Ole Smoky’s Moonshine comes in as many flavors as you can imagine. Try the Apple Pie!

Ole Smoky

10. Jim Beam Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey

Neither an un-aged white dog nor a moonshine, Jacob’s Ghost is a special white whiskey based on Jacob Beam’s original 18th century recipe.


11. Wild Turkey American Honey

Choose from our many flavored whiskey’s. From Honey to Blueberry or Apple Pie, Cinnamon or Pumpkin – you will find your unique holiday gift here.

Wild Turkey American Honey

This season of giving spend a moment browsing our bourbons, rye whiskeys, flavored whiskeys, small batch bourbons and single barrel bourbons. No matter what the occasion, Bourbon gifts are the perfect present!

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