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Hotline Bling Cocktail - Whiskey Muse

You used to call me on my cell phone, late night when you need my love. And I know when that hotline bling, that could only mean one thing.

For me at least, it meant you wanted to go for a drink after work. Ahhh the life of a bartender, where it’s not weird to grab a casual drink with a friend at 1:30am. But I digress.

A little while ago, I went to a masterclass for Montelobos Mezcal and Ancho Reyes liqueur, hosted at Uva Wine Bar by Bar Manager Sabrine Dhaliwal. Throughout the presentation we were treated to numerous cocktails in which there were so many intersection points between the Ancho Reyes and varying flavours. From coffee, to Jagermeister to beer, there was so much versatility with this product.

Ancho chilies, which are essentially dried poblano peppers provide a whole new flavour profile which is unlike anything I’ve tried before. With a touch of spice, a touch of sweetness and an alcohol level clocking in at 40% ABV, this is a great product to add depth to your cocktails.

Inspired by Drake’s song “Hotline Bling” this sparkling cocktail is sweet, spicy, savoury and effervescent. The “hotness” or heat is brought by the Ancho Reyes and Bitterman’s Buckspice Ginger bitters which works exceptionally well with muddled pineapple and sage. Drake’s new rye whisky, Virginia Black is used as the base spirit for this cocktail and the drink is topped with Champagne… after all, Drake aka Drizzy aka Aubrey Graham is known as “Champagne Papi” on his social media channels.

Check out the recipe below and let me know your thoughts.


0.75 oz Virginia Black
0.75 oz Ancho Reyes
3 pieces ripe pineapple
5 sage leaves
1 dash Bittermen’s Buckspice Ginger Bitters
3-4 oz Champagne


In a cocktail shaker muddle pineapple and 3 sage leaves. Add Virginia Black, Ancho Reyes, bitters and ice. Shake for 10 seconds and double strain into a champagne glass or coupe. Top with champagne and garnish with two sage leaves.


If you don’t have Virginia Black on hand, or want to experiment with something other than whiskey, I’ve been assured that pisco would work famously as a substitute. Which would you prefer? Tell me below!

Hotline Bling Cocktail - Whiskey Muse
Hotline Bling Cocktail - Whiskey Muse
Hotline Bling Cocktail - Whiskey Muse
Hotline Bling Cocktail - Whiskey Muse
Hotline Bling Cocktail - Whiskey Muse
Hotline Bling Cocktail - Whiskey Muse
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