Ghost Tequila is not your average tequila. According to its CEO and Founder Chris Moran, it’s creating a movement within an already incredibly popular beverage category with its unique flavor profile that’s turned non-tequila drinkers into fans. Read on to learn more about Ghost Tequila and the people responsible for bringing the brand to life.

ForceBrands: What inspired you to create Ghost Tequila? Chris Moran: I started bartending at one of the first true tequila bars in Boston in 2011. We had over 100 tequilas behind me on the wall and no one was ready to drink them, so I designed a shot incorporating ghost peppers that started gaining serious popularity, and kind of became a reason for people to visit the bar. After seeing that response, I knew I was on to something, and that’s how the idea behind Ghost got started. I met my future business partner David Gordon who knew the industry from operating a retail chain in Massachusetts, and the rest was history.

FB: Tequila and mezcal are on fire right now (especially with celebrities like George Clooney getting behind his own premium brand). What sets Ghost Tequila apart from competitors?
CM: First, it’s great to see the category growing — people are gaining a deeper respect for and knowledge about the category, from how it’s made to how versatile tequila can be. When we started Ghost, we recognized that the category was in a sense being pulled in two different directions, especially in how it was being marketed to consumers: on one end, the super-premium, highly aspirational tequilas touting a luxury lifestyle. On the other, brands focusing on the craft, back-to-the-roots process of creating tequila. We wanted to play away from those poles in a way that felt true to our story and meaningfully different from the category.

The obvious thing that sets us apart from our competitors is our taste. Infusing premium quality tequila with a hint of ghost pepper elevates the normal tequila drinking experience. That combined with an affordable retail price seems to be gaining attention. Not only does the distinct flavor profile lend itself perfectly to shots and traditional spicy tequila cocktails, but it somehow allows our tequila to play in cocktails it shouldn’t have any business in (an Old Fashioned, for instance).

For the average consumer, this means being able to create truly unique cocktails at home without the need of your local mixologist. For bartenders, it means being able to consistently craft well balanced, spicy cocktails and with a fraction of the effort it would normally take (like when muddling peppers).

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