With the holidays right around the corner, there's one thing that you might be more in need of than you're wiling to admit, and that thing is wine. Thankfully with the help of our friends over at Winc, they've got our backs as for they know that dealing with the holidays and those annoying family members is a real challenge for us all... which is why wine is always the answer.


Photo courtesy of Winc

Retailing for $99, Winc's Tasting 101 Kit comes with six bottles of wine, six numbered bags to accompany the six bottles of wine, and 11 informative cards to help inform you of the wines that are included in the kit. While this is meant to be a gift, no one ever said that there's any harm in treating yourself and getting this set for yourself by yourself. While you don't get to select the bottles in the kit as for they're pre-selected for you, by the end of the day, wine is essentially adult grape juice, which is healthy, right?