The year's now 2018 and the vast majority of us including myself have made the switch from regular people iced coffee to cold brew. While most of us fight over which coffee shop/coffee brand has the best cold brew out on the block, I'm here to tell you that unless your answer is Mr. Black, you're wrong. Here's what I mean.


Photo courtesy of Mr. Black

Mr. Black is a bold and complex cold brew liqueur made with top-grade Arabica coffees along with a vodka base, an alcohol content of 25%, and ten times the coffee and half the sugar of traditional liqueurs. While made in batches of 300 bottles at time, each and every bottle of Mr. Black is handmade via a slow-drop method (which results in a sweeter yet robust profile) at the Mr. Black distillery/coffee roastery right outside of Sydney, Australia. As bottles of Mr. Black are made, no added flavors, fillers, or preservatives are added into the mix, making Mr. Black a more natural cold brew option in comparison to their competition... not to name any names.

The nice thing about Mr. Black is that it can be consumed over ice as if it's regular cold brew aka black with milk or cream. Mr. Black can and should also be used in an array of cocktails, as for Mr. Black has recently be deemed as the preferred coffee of choice for the world's best bars including, The Black Pearl in Melbourne, The Savoy in London, and Employees Only in New York.

If ditching your regular cold brew for Mr. Black is something that's of interest to you, the cold brew/liqueur consumer, you can check out where to purchase said bottle of Mr. Black online.