IMG_7732 You’d never guess it by looking at the ingredients, but this Mexican cocktail hails from tiki visionary Trader Vic’s Pacific Island Cookbook, published in 1968.  Interestingly, there is a chapter on Mexico along with a few tequila based cocktails.

The drink is really a Black Russian with tequila and a twist.  The tequila gives it a richer and sweeter flavor and depth that overcomes the strong coffee flavor.  Plus, the lemon twist adds a kind of espresso character to the endeavor.  Makes sure you express the oils onto the surface of the drink.

I think this works better than the usual mix of vodka and Kahlua.

Brave Bull
1.5oz blanco tequila
1oz coffee liqueur
Garnish: lemon twist

Pour into ice-filled old-fashioned glass and stir.  Add lemon twist.


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