IMG_7442Here’s a vintage cocktail highball that is a riff on the venerable Stone Fence.  As far as I can tell, the first appearance of this drink was in Jack’s Manual on the Vintage & Production, Care & Handling of Wines, Liquors & c. by J. A. Grohusko published in  1916 where it is called a Bull’s Eye Cup.  The original recipe was in punch sized proportions of a pint each of cider and ginger beer, with an undetermined amount of brandy.  Be that as it may, the recipe as redacted in the Mr. Boston Guide is perfect.

I used Fundador Solera Reserva Spanish Brandy, Angry Orchard Crisp Apple hard cider, and Blue Sky organic ginger beer.  This is a great drink that works year round.

Bull’s Eye
1oz brandy
2oz hard cider
ginger ale

Stir brandy and hard cider in highball glass.  Add ice, fill with ginger ale, and stir again.

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