Take a look at the photo of this cocktail. You see what I did there?  A visual pun.  The garnish is in the shape of a “C” for Camino, and the glass is decorated with rays.

Anyway, this is an amazing drink courtesy of Ted Henwood.  The ingredients are so disparate, that it looks like a Frankenstein’s monster.  And yet…  An aged tequila works beautifully with a dry sherry.  If you think of this drink in basic terms, it has all the requirements: base spirit, wine based modifier, sweetener and bitters.

Lovely, and each ingredient enhances the other.  Great job, Ted!

Camino Del Ray
1.75oz anejo tequila
1oz oloroso sherry
0.5oz drambuie
1 dash rhubarb bitters
garnish: lemon twist

Stir with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Add lemon twist.

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