As Kendall mentioned, we have Indian summers in San Francisco, where heat waves start occurring in September and last through November. Those of you on the East Coast probably only have a few more weeks of warm weather, but here in San Francisco, it’s just starting to heat up.

I absolutely love these Indian summers. Not only is it nice to wear skirts and sandals in the middle of fall, but I also love still being able to enjoy “summer” dishes and cocktails. Glen Grant 10 Year Old single malt is a light and fruity speyside that is fantastic on warm, summer days. Definitely great for beginner scotch drinkers, as it is not very smoky and the peat is gentle.

Last year, I got a bottle of this delicious malt whisky from work. I brought it over to Kendall’s, and in one evening, the two of us went though half the bottle. I was making the following cocktail (seriously, SO good, and really easy to make!), and kept making them until we ran out of mandarin oranges.


Indian Summer

2 oz. Glen Grant 10 Year Old

¾ oz. Simple Syrup

1 Tangerine, Mandarin, or Clementine

Peel off the skin of your small orange of choice and muddle in a pint glass. Add ice, then simple syrup and Glen Grant, and stir for several seconds. Strain into rocks glass over one large ice cube. Garnish with oregano (optional).