The GreatDrams of Scotland

The GreatDrams of Scotland - a conversational meander through Scotch’s rich history and the brands who have brought these stories to life.

The GreatDrams of Scotland is written by myself, Greg Dillon; acclaimed whisky blogger, consultant and personality.

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With The GreatDrams of Scotland I take whisky enthusiasts new and old on a journey, telling stories of my first hand distillery experiences and sharing insights I have gleaned over years working within the industry.

My journey into whisky spans over a decade. My late father was a whisky man. In fact, Teacher's was one of my dad's favourite whiskies. I remember seeing the bottle around the house, he would have a dram or two after a long day’s work building the old family business. Years later I worked on the brand for a few months which was truly fascinating and was the first step into doing what I do now, piquing my interest in whisky with his innovative approach to the business. After I began to work with more whisky clients, I suddenly thought; ‘I am thinking and talking about whisky most days with clients, why am I not also blogging about it?’ and thus was born. Having visited more than forty distilleries over the last twenty-four months in the name of research, this final collection of comical anecdotes and historical accounts together form a casual, conversational book that brings the history of whisky to life. This is not compilation of great whiskies and their tasting notes. Instead, through fact, myth and humour, each chapter guides the reader through legendary tales that date as far back as the fifteenth century, chronicling nineteen whisky brands that have contributed to the phenomenal success of Scotch whisky. The book tracks how this spirit has been enjoyed over the last two hundred years, bringing us to where whisky is today; a globally loved and celebrated drink enjoyed neat, mixed, shaken, stirred and over rocks. My background is in brand strategy, having consulted with design agencies and brands the world over for more than a decade. The content is written from my viewpoint as both an expert in my field, having worked with whisky brands (and other premium spirits) for over five years in a consulting capacity and also as a writer for magazines such as Whisky Quarterly, Whisky Magazine and the Drinks Report. I was also shortlisted for the prestigious IWSC Communicator of the Year, 2015 and won Marketing Blogger of the Year in 2014, and GreatDrams was named the UK’s Food & Drink Blog of the Year 2017.

Throughout this book I will be talking through the stories of a number of Scotch whisky distillery brands; a few you will have heard of, a couple may be obvious and a few form an emerging 'next generation' of whisky producers. All have their place in the world of whisky and are deserving of conversation and spotlight.

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The stories and brands I will share with you are: The Pioneers

Johnnie Walker - Diageo

Teacher’s - Beam Suntory

• The Famous Grouse - Edrington

Chivas - Pernod Ricard

The Myths and Legends

Port Ellen - Diageo

St. Magdalene - Diageo

Kininvie - WG&S

The Classics

Laphroaig - Beam Suntory

The Macallan - Edrington

Glenfiddich - WG&S

Highland Park - Edrington

Aberlour - Pernod Ricard

The Dalmore

The Undiscovered

Craigellachie - Bacardi

Glenglassaugh - Brown-Forman

Glenrothes - Berry Bros & Rudd

The Future

Kingsbarns - Independent / Wemyss

Kilchoman - Independent

Independent Bottlers - Douglas Laing, Gordon & Macphail, SMWS & Wemyss

Each chapter has a suggested whisky pairing or two as I like sitting in a comfortable chair with a hearty measure of an appropriate whisky, and I thought you might like to get in on it too. The GreatDrams of Scotch is about storytelling and bringing to life the intriguing history behind this incredible liquid we can ultimately pay immense amounts of money for.

Available to pre-order here.