Old Fashioned, photo by Ron Jasin for Copper & Kings

If you have much familiarity at all with Louisville Brandy distillery Copper & Kings, you know that things are always going to be a little quirky and unexpected. They came to the middle of bourbon country to set up a brandy distillery, after all. Now they are doing the same thing with a fabulous full-service rooftop space with a cocktail emphasis atop their gorgeous Butchertown neighborhood distillery – just don’t call it a “bar.” Welcome to ALEX&NDER.

“What we are trying to do is provide an elevated (literally and metaphorically) Copper & Kings experience,” says proprietor Joe Heron. “Something that illustrates and illuminates our spirits, how and why to drink them.”

As you can well imagine, the bourbon cocktail scene in Louisville is en fuego. Brandy cocktails are now starting to rise to popularity alongside other bourbon-adjacent distilled spirits like rye.

“We are essentially a brandy bar – and brandy’s place in the classic cocktail canon will be quite forcefully illustrated from Sazeracs to Old Fashioneds and Sidecars,” says Heron. He adds, “And of course a Brandy Alexander made to perfection. We will also uniquely provide a gin experience of imagination and variety, using our different gins for G&T’s, to Spanish style GinTonics to GinGin Mules.”

Copper & Kings has long been THE place to see the best view of downtown Louisville, but up until now that has only been during tours or special events. Now you can check out ALEX&NDER Wednesday thru Sunday evenings for an elevated social experience right in the heart of Butchertown.

photo by Ron Jasin for Copper & Kings

“The skydeck – and THAT VIEW – will make for a lovely place to socialize, to enjoy local craft beer, a small excellent wine selection, mocktails, but also a sangria program of very high quality, and our boozy milkshakes – Brandy Alexander shake, Dom Pedro and more,” says Heron.

Since it came to town in 2014 Copper & Kings has been a leader in both sustainability and in cutting edge design. This newly renovated cocktail and social space is no exception. “The bar design has the ambition and aspiration to sit comfortably in Hong Kong, London, or NYC,” asserts Heron. “We want to combine a sense of international sophistication with classic American hospitality. God forbid we would ever be precious.”

Boozy Milkshake, photo by Ron Jasin for Copper & Kings

The NuLu/Butchertown area of Louisville has been undergoing a renaissance in the last few years after multiple decades of neglect and boredom. Today the area is synonymous with creativity and revival. Rabbit Hole Distilling just opened in the neighborhood, and local staples like Rye, Harvest, Butchertown Grocery, and Butchertown Social have already made this a destination for locals. With the addition of ALEX&NDER the Butchertown/NuLu area is positioned to be one of Louisville’s top flight tourist destinations.

“Copper & Kings is not traditional. ALEX&NDER is not traditional. To our mind it is a showcase for what Louisville really is, not the hokey cliché. This is an imaginative, creative, modern, dynamic city on the move. Like Copper & Kings,” says Heron.

Stop by ALEX&NDER Thursday June 7 from 5-11pm for opening festivities. Regular hours thereafter will be Wed-Sun 5-midnight.