The Admiral Schley High Ball sounds more like a Frankenstein concoction than an refined pre-prohibition cocktail. I was honestly a bit apprehensive about attempting this cocktail at all for 2 very good reasons. #1 being that I hate sweet red wine (it’s the devil in an attractive bottle) and #2 I would have to make the pineapple syrup from scratch because that stuff’s not easy to come by. Well at least without it being full of high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and all of that nasty garbage. Seeing as how this post is about the drink you’re safe to assume that I gave in and made some pineapple syrup.

To make pineapple syrup just simply get your mitts on some 100% pure pineapple juice from your local grocer. Put some of the juice and a bit of sugar into a pot and simmer till it gets thick and syrupy. Keep an eye on it but in about 20 minutes you will have pineapple syrup and the rest of the drink is as easy as compiling the ingredients and giving it a couple of stirs.

1 piece ice in a glass (high ball if you have it)

1 tsp pineapple syrup

1 tsp fresh lemon juice

2/3 jigger Irish Whiskey

2/3 jigger sweet red wine

fill up with seltzer

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