Is That A Beer In Your Cocktail...

It seems like craft beer has been saturating the marketplace with more than 2,300 quality craft breweries in the US alone. Many bartenders have started taking craft beers to new levels, and by new levels we mean using them to create craft 'craft beer' cocktails. So ladies and gentlemen, here are our favorite boozed up beer drinks for anyone to enjoy.

Clinton Hall is the newest beer garden down in the ever popular Financial District. They've got all the classics, and then they've got the classics finished off with beer like the Beer Mojito. Keep it light and fun and toast to the last days of summer with the Beer Mojito or polish off a long day with a Kentucky Draft ie. lager and bourbon.

Stay down by the water and head to The Dead Rabbit for an innovative Ale Flip or Elderberry Beer Á La Byron both using a cask-conditioned Sixpoint Ale.

Highly recognized for their cocktails, Bourgeois Pig offers a wide range of creative cocktails, our favorite in the beer family being the Michelle. Don't be fooled by the innocent name, Michelle packs in Tabasco and Balsamic on top of other savory ingredients.

One Mile House offers up a few Hop Juices. You can't go wrong with Sailor's Grave or My Fickle Friend topped with foam from Prohibition Ale.

Though The Cannibal does not have a full bar, that doesn't mean they can't make a mean cocktail. We love you Negroni, but The Takeover Negroni just may replace you with the use of the flavorful Cuvée de Jacobin Rouge ale.

The Counting Room in Williamsburg has a small yet sufficient cocktail menu. Try the Off Color Legacy using Bourbon, Campari, rosemary, lemon, and IPA.

The Diablo Ricky at Diablo Royale may not be 'crafty' but it's darn good. It's a glass filled 3/4 of the way with lager beer and 1/4 with their frozen margarita... otherwise known as Spring Break in a glass.

Lastly, you can have your dessert and drink it too with the Salted Dulce De Leche Shake at SLIDE spiked with Alhambra Lager. Sounds like every kids dream, not to worry, the young ones can get it too, just ask for it virgin.

For more innovative drinks using beer and spirits CLICK HERE. Bottoms up!