Hello Everybody!!
Here I am once again with innovative drinks and some mixology!
Ive been trying to create a cocktail for enjoying the last summer days, and it just came up to my mind to use pisco in a drink recipe.
First i thought in come up with the "Sybil Punch" (a rum based one) that i will post it later, but i made up my mind in hitting up this time with the Peruvian National liquor: Pisco! oh yeah!
So here it goes... why sunshine? because first I thought about Tequila Sunrise, taking off tequila and using pisco instead, until i realized that such drink already exists and it is called: Pisco Sunrise....
Then I thought to change some ingredients, and to switch the name to Pisco Sunset.... till i recalled there is a drink called Tequila Sunset, which uses Grapefruit juice.... and as i dont have grapefruit juice near hand in Lima, i consider not appropriate to stick in that name. Finally, i started testing with different liqueurs and adding liquors ... till i get a different drink, with a fruity garnish whose colors remember me the shinning and burning sunlight of Mancora's Sun (Nothern Peru beach) .... so thats why eventually I came up with the name: Peruvian Sunshine.
I did the test by mixing in different ways: Pisco, Agave, and triple sec.... you must say Im crazy, yes, but there is where the fun is... in the attempt of creating something new and drinkable! :)
After giving free samples to a couple of people, the winner was:
Pisco + Triple Sec + Oranje Juice + Granadine.... Result? Just great!
If you are interested in try it on just follow the instructions bellow:
Built in "Specialties" type glass
- 1 1/4 oz Pisco
- 1/2 oz Triple sec
- Fill up the glass with Orange juice
- Splash of granadine
Garnish: Half Orange wheel and cherry (look at the picture)
First: Fill the glass with ice
Pour the pisco, and the triple sec
Fill up the glass almost to the edge with orange juice
Grab the mix tin and shake once
Splash with granadine
Place the garnish on the border of the glass.
If desire, get a straw and enjoy!!!
Hope you like it! promise to post more often....
Have a good end of summer - welcome Fall season!!

The Peruvian Sunshine Drink!