This weekend I was searching for the perfect Halloween cocktail and could not think of anything to prepare.  I was sitting in my kitchen staring at an orange and wanted to try experimenting.  All of a sudden I got an idea to carve the orange to look like a typical Jack O’ Lantern!  It was really easy and I decided it would be a perfect garnish for my martini this week!  The highlight of this recipe is the garnish but this is also a really good spin on the typical martini and the color makes it very festive for a Halloween Party or just hanging out at home!  You could also make this into a boozy martini punch with a cool orange ice ring!  Cheers!


Recipe: Jack O’ Lantern Martini


1.5 ounces of vodka

1 orange, juiced

.5 ounces of triple sec

1 cup ice

Garnish: 1 carved orange and paper straw


In a cocktail shaker place vodka, fresh orange juice, triple sec and ice

Shake mixture until it is mixed and chilled

Strain mixture into serving glass

Garnish with carved orange and paper straw

Yields: 1 serving