The Old Fashioned truly is my favorite cocktail to riff on because there are so many opportunities & variations to choose & play with. Of course the classic made right is the ultimate experience of ruggedness & elegance in a glass.

My variation most recently that I make on a regular combines a double base or split base if you will of high proof Rye Whiskey (Rittenhouse) & Jägermeister as the foundation. I then add 2 bar spoons of a delicious Vermont maple syrup for flavor & viscosity that add just another layer to enjoy. Dale Degroff’s Aromatic Pimento Bitters is added at 2 dashes for it’s spiceyness and helps lend a backbone to the total cocktail.

I like to build this cocktail in an Old Fashioned Glass with a large format cube stirred to proper temperature and dilution.

I garnish this Old Fashioned Variation with the expressed oils of an orange peel & the peel itself ultimately placed around the cube like they were meant to be together.

All of the ingredients used in this drink really work well together and compliment each other.

Please enjoy the The Jägermeister Old Fashioned