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Packing Heat from Both Sides of the Bar

It all begins on Sunday November 10 at Session Kitchen [1518 S Pearl Street]:

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8:00 – 10:00 pm – 2013 Denver Bacon Beer Cocktail 

Industry Denver has brought in some of the brightest minds in cocktails to compete in the 2013 Denver Bacon Beer Cocktail by Fernet-Branca with George Dickel Tennessee Whisky. We recently announced that our inspired lineup of competing bartenders would include Star Bar’s Anika Zappe, Green Russell’s Holland Rock-Garden and Stuart Jensen, Kevin Burke of Colt and Gray, Acorn’s Melissa Durant and neighboring McLain Hedges at The Proper Pour in The Source. Also competing from outside city limits is Erin Harris, who rocks cocktails in the hills at Jimmy’s in Aspen and Ryan Conklin who has recently touched back into Denver ready to cocktail with us Sunday night.

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We sought the judgment of Portland-based magician-writer-bartender Jacob Grier, who has been pioneering the progression of beer cocktails for several years now – cocktails like the Portland Rickey, which was recently featured as this past year’s Tales of the Cocktail’s Official Cocktail. Jacob will be traveling in to Denver to sit in as our first decider on the panel. Right in our own backyard, Mr. Justin Brunson of the Denver Bacon Company and Masterpiece Deli snagged the bacon subject matter seat, which was only natural. Third seat sits the lovely Lori Midson of Westword’s Café Society, another well-known pork advocate and contributing personality to the culture of our local food and drink industry.

Michael Cerretani, who has been handed the keys to Session Kitchen’s rightfully raved-over bar, will also join the panel with Breckenridge-Wynkoop’s corporate beverage director Ken Kodys. Both Ken and Michael have proven a successful circuit through cocktail and bartending competitions in the past: Just last year, Michael represented Colorado at the Woodford Reserve & Esquire’s Manhattan Experience in New York and Ken at the 42Below Cocktail World Cup in New Zealand.

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Bacon Beer Cocktail_SQ Feature Bacon Beer Cocktail Judging Guidelines

The five panelists will determine the fate of the collection of bar creatives in a no-holds-barred make it of break it format, where creativity & originality will prevail. Each participating bartender will be given one-pound of Bacon to make whatever he or she wish at home and will showcase the interpretation of their favorite beers, culinary savvy, and your personal touch in regards to culinary cocktails.

Round 1: Bacon Cocktails - Each participant must showcase a cocktail made with Fernet-Branca. The focus here is total Bacon awesomeness and balancing with Fernet-Branca.

Round 2: Beer Cocktails – Each participant must showcase a Beer cocktail made with George Dickel No. 8 Sour Mash Tennessee Whisky, George Dickel No. 12 Tennessee Whisky, or George Dickel Rye. This particular Round is focused on balancing American Whiskey in Beer Cocktails.

Round 3: Bacon & Beer Cocktails - Each participant will be responsible for a Bacon & Beer Cocktail made with Fernet-Branca & George Dickel Special Reserve in any amount and/or combination they wish; although each must be present in the recipe.

Thank you to our team of our participating sponsors, creators, movers, and doers for making this event possible. 2013 Denver Bacon Beer Cocktail is produced by Industry Denver and Eat Boston in partnership with Session Kitchen, Fernet-Branca, George Dickel, and Harmonic Media. If you like what we do, subscribe to our mailing list for news about more events like this.

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