For every long weekend or as a perfect summer cocktail, this bourbon and peach schnapps cocktail is light and refreshing. There are lots of ways you can modify this cocktail to suit the specific tastes of the drinker. For bourbon lovers, more on the bourbon and less on the lemon, while for the peach lovers just muddle more peaches in. The addition of the Snowy River holiday cocktail salt mix really compliments the taste and color here for an amazing finish. Perfect as a brunch cocktail or aperitif.



  • Pre-rim the glass with Snowy River holiday cocktail salt using lemon/lime or egg white (for a thicker rim) as the binding agent.
  • Fill shaker with ice to chill.
  • Muddle the peaches.
  • Add bourbon, schnapps and Lemon Juice to shaker.
  • Stir and strain into martini glass or as a variant serve on the rocks with peaches.

Enjoy! Always drink responsibly.