A new Japanese puzzle box artist has “kickstarted” his career. His first design, the “Kickake” box, refers to the Japanese concept of something which triggers something else into motion. Let’s kick things off on the spirits side with something else that’s getting a jumpstart. Irish whiskey, which has been around for centuries, has nonetheless been less than apparent in most modern (or classic) cocktails. With help from innovative bars like The Dead Rabbit in New York there has been a surge of renewed interest and old classics like this one are finding new life and new appreciation. The “Cameron’s Kick” dates back to the 1920’s where it began appearing in Harry Craddock’s cocktail books (ABCs of Mixing Cocktails, 1922; Savoy Cocktail Book, 1930). The history of the drink and it’s namesake remain a mystery, but its not terribly hard to imagine. Our erstwhile barfly Cameron, likely of Scottish decent based on the name, either ordered or was served this tipple by his creative barman back in the day. The kicker was the unusual mix of half Scotch whiskey and half Irish whiskey. Maybe Cameron had a fondness for a green eyed lass, or maybe the barman snuck in the Irish whiskey as a trick, but one way or another, someone got a kick out of it. By most accounts, this mix of flavors shouldn’t work, but it does, and it’s damn tasty. It might just kickstart your own appreciation for Irish whiskey, too. Cheers!


Cameron’s Kick c 1930 (Savoy Cocktail Book version)

1 ½ oz Scotch whiskey blend

1 ½ oz Irish whiskey

¾ oz lemon

½ oz orgeat

Shake together with ice and strain into a favorite glass. Garnish with something to kick it up a notch.


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