I’m stepping outside of the box, so to speak, for this puzzle box and potion pairing. You might even say I’m finessing formula. Decoding the drink. Sleuthing the solution. All from my armchair! “The Kidnapped Crossworder” is a self-contained mystery puzzle in a box, delivered to your door by the “Armchair Detective Company”, the brainchild of three interactive media artists who have teamed up to create a fabulous experience.

You might want to kidnap yourself an afternoon (possibly an entire day) to puzzle through this mystery. A little sleuthing solution wouldn’t hurt to lubricate the gray matter. A little Poirot potion, perhaps? I did a little sleuthing myself to dig up this one, the “Kidnap Cocktail” by Trevor Easter. Easter created this drink for the 2010 winter menu at Rickhouse, one of the best whiskey bars in America located in San Francisco. He introduces the drink with this statement: “We have your cocktail. Leave the money on the bar and wait to be contacted by one of our agents. If we see any cops, the deal is off and we send you back the cocktail glass in pieces.” (Thanks to Camper English, the cocktail and spirits writer, who published the menu on his blog Alcademics.) The drink is a bold and brazen riff on the classic daiquiri, one of my favorite old cocktails with rum, lime and sugar. This one uses Diplomatico rum, a wonderful aged Venezuelan molasses rum, but mixes things up with some smoky mezcal and funky Jamaican sugar cane rum. The result will kidnap your senses. It might not help you solve the mystery of the Kidnapped Crossworder, but you never know – it might just become the cruciverbalist cocktail of choice. Cheers!


The Kidnap Cocktail by Trevor Easter

1 oz Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva rum

½ oz mezcal

½ oz Jamaican Navy Strength rum

1 oz fresh lime

½ oz demerara syrup

Shake ingredients together with ice and strain into a favorite glass. Garnish with ransom note or crossword lime peel.


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