Kilchoman Cask Strength Review

Kilchoman Cask Strength is a the pure, minimally filtered (NCF), no water added version of the whisky. The only way to get a whisky more pure than this would be to go to Kilchoman and drink it straight from the cask. Which obviously is an experience that can’t be replicated at home, but drinking stuff like this does come close.

In Kilchoman’s Words: Kilchoman Cask Strength

“The Original Cask Strength is a special edition Kilchoman bottled at natural cask strength, presenting the whisky in its purest form with un-paralleled intensity of flavour and texture. Anthony Wills, managing director of Kilchoman, said: “This is the way single malt should be drunk. It allows everyone to experience Kilchoman with all the characteristics captured in the glass”. The first release in October 2014 was chosen from a selection of ex-bourbon barrels filled in 2009. The second edition in October 2016 was a vatting of 95 Quarter Casks.”

This particular release is the 2016 so this is the quarter cask release. I’ve had the 2014 release and I liked it a bit better, but not by a whole lot – maybe 1-2 points more at most. No matter what release you get though it’s going to be good, so don’t fret if you can’t find the 2014 if your interest is piqued after reading this Kilchoman Cask Strength review.

Kilchoman Cask Strength Info

Region: Islay, Scotland

Distiller: Kilchoman
Mashbill: 100% Malted Barley
Cask: ex-Bourbon Quarter Casks
Age: 6 Years
ABV: 56.9%

Cask Strength | Non-Chill Filtered | Natural Color

Batch: 2016

Price: $100

Kilchoman Cask Strength Review


Honey, pears, peat, graham, caramel, apples, malt, cocoa, spice and vanilla taffy with a hint of spice and oak.

Peat, honey, orchard fruit, cocoa, vanilla taffy, spice and beef jerky with a touch of spice and oak.

Long dissolve of peat, fruit, honey, spice, malt, cocoa and smoked meat.

Well balanced, medium body and slick oily feel.

Kilchoman Cask Strength is a good whisky. The 2016 has a stronger oak character to it than the 2014 which makes a lot of sense since the 2016 (this) was aged in quarter casks. I fully enjoy the big fruity nature of this whisky, it presents well across the senses and carries a nice balance that makes you want to come back for a second… and a third… and a fourth. Kilchoman Cask Strength is a great whisky experience.

SCORE: 87-89/100 (B+, consumed at a tasting)

Kilchoman Cask Strength Label

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