Kilchoman K and L Exclusive Single Cask 74 Review

The second to last dram we tried at the Socal Whiskey Club tasting was this Kilchoman K&L Exclusive Single Cask #74 and I can’t tell you how glad I am to have gotten this opportunity. It’s a simply stunning cask that candidly displays the talent and skill of the folks at Kilchoman.

While tasting this delightful dram our host, James Wills, gave us a little bit of trivia about Kilchoman. Did you know that Kilchoman is home to the smallest legal stills in all of Scotland? These small stills are what has helped this scrappy little upstart get a foothold in the market by requiring less grain, therefor less capital, to create each batch that gets out to market.

Overall this is one hell of a great dram, though as long as K&L is carrying their cask #172 (which I’ll be reviewing soon) I would reach for that one first. This one is great, but the 172 is just a wee bit better. That said this is a delicately balanced scotch with a robust flavor and aroma that continues delivering long after it’s gone with it’s insanely long finish.

Kilchoman K&L Exclusive Single Cask #74 Review

ABV: 58.4%
Price: $110
Distiller: Kilchoman


The caramel is upfront with this one followed by vanilla, malt and peat. Some weaker notes of honeycomb, light fruit and brine float about lazily. Add a splash of water though and the peat and the brine move up much more rapidly.

Peat, malt and caramel come out first followed by some fruit, leather, sweet tobacco, vanilla and ash. There is mashmallow like sweetness underpinning the whole thing which brings a nice contrast to the earthier notes.

Slightly gritty but manageable which is quite the feat for something clocking in just under 120 proof.

Long finish of peat, malt, oak and ash.

SCORE: NA – Had this at a Kilchoman hosted SoCal Whiskey Club tasting and didn’t get to spend enough time to feel confident in a rating

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